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November 2016

NJ’s Independent Bookstores Bolster Communities

You can download your books from Amazon, you can get your books from Barnes & Noble, or you can walk downtown to a local independent bookseller and find yourself surrounded by excellent people loving the same books as

Bookstores aren’t just rows of shelves, they’re third spaces – those places outside of home and work where we congregate, socialize, hangout. These characteristics are found in all the great bookstores, and can be found here in NJ, too. Continue reading “NJ’s Independent Bookstores Bolster Communities”


Nancy Scott Talks About The Founding of US1 Poetry Co-op

The US1 Poetry Cooperative has been based in the Princeton, NJ, area since 1973. The group publishes annual poetry collections – now on volume 62! The group meets every Tuesday, usually at a member’s house, so if you’re interested in attending one of their workshops you’ll have to sign up for their e-newsletter.

Nancy Scott has been a member of the cooperative since the 1990’s, and took over as the Managing Editor of US1 Worksheets – the co-op’s annual publication – in the early-2000’s. Nancy spoke with me about the early days of US1, and what their hopes are moving forward.

How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review Is Saving Literature and the Internet

The modus operandi of the internet is this: publish what gets more clicks. If you want your site to at least power your apartment, you need headlines with big names, clever lists, and farcical concepts. The literary quarters of the internet are similarly affected. But when every Review and Journal is bound by the indomitable Rule of the Click Count, we need someone to remind us there is more to literature than Colson Whitehead’s newest novel, Zadie Smith’s latest doings, and Stephen King’s politics.

With a collective sigh of relief, we introduce you to Ian MacAllen, the netizen helping to save literature – and quite possibly the internet – from itself. Continue reading “How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review Is Saving Literature and the Internet”

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