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December 2016

This Is The End, Perhaps was a project undertaken as part of a class assignment, and, unfortunately for all of us here in NJ, that class has come to an end. Does this mean an end for the NJ Writers’ Op?

I’m not sure. Continue reading “This Is The End, Perhaps”


Open Mic in Maplewood, On The Mic at The Rack

Incandescent bulbs hang over a small stage set-up with a mic, and the only other light comes from the tabletop tea candles and a single strand of white Christmas lights along the wall. There are several couches and armchairs, and the sweet odor of marijuana stuck to a patron’s winter jacket blends with the aroma of fried catfish, which is the evening’s kitchen special. This is The Rack, a café and social space in Maplewood, NJ. For almost two years now they’ve been hosting On The Mic, an open mic event held Friday nights. Continue reading “Open Mic in Maplewood, On The Mic at The Rack”

Classics Bookstore Gives Free Books To Trenton’s Youth

Classics Bookstore is an independently owned used-book store in Trenton, NJ. The shop is small, crowded, and a bit disheveled (just how we like our bookstores). The owner, Eric Maywar, puts a heavy focus on community involvement. Trenton’s youth can stop in and take books for free – boxes full of free books, is how Maywar explains it. He hosts open-mic nights, Scrabble nights, Cards Against Humanity nights, and Knitting nights.


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