WritersOpNJ.com was a project undertaken as part of a class assignment, and, unfortunately for all of us here in NJ, that class has come to an end. Does this mean an end for the NJ Writers’ Op?

I’m not sure.

I don’t know what the next year will bring. Well, I sort of do – I keep an blog of frustrated poetry which needs far more attention, I have short-stories to finish and a novel to begin. I have an internship, an over-night job, a small family to feed, and a self that’s roundly neglected and in need of rest.

The NJ Writers’ Op is a resource this region’s writers need. If there is one thing this blog has helped shed light on, it’s that NJ has a wealth of people excited about literature; that there are poets still writing from the ’60’s who are looking pass the torch; that there are people dedicated to discovering poets who will verbally abuse the world; and that, one way or the other, the writers and lovers of language who find themselves obscure in the Meadowlands, or lost in the Northern Highlands, or disoriented and about to cry out in frustrated angst somewhere in the Pine Barrens – that what NJ needs is an all-encompassing resource for the writers who reside and strive here. A resource to bring us together, to help us find ourselves and, most importantly, to help everyone else find us.

There will be a grand return, like maybe when Gandalf led that army to save Helm’s Deep, but not really that triumphant. Probably more like a crawl, possibly fawning, to get your attention back (if we ever had it).

And hopefully, at this later point of uninspired but enthusiastic return, we’ll be honest about using the pronoun We, instead of coming off as schizophrenic.

Have a good Christmas, try not to vomit on your favorite ugly-sweater, and maybe I’ll see you ’round the New Year.