The NJ Writers’ Operation is dedicated to covering the vibrancy of the NJ literary scene. Fiction, creative non-fiction, blogging, publishing – there is a wealth of literary activity taking place in NJ and this blog seeks to highlight its vigor. We’re finding a pulse, and then amplifying it.

The NJ Writers’ Op is mapping a new frontier – not of landscape or science but of language that bursts from the page, poetry that melts from the paper and fiction that transmogrifies your brain into… well, we’re not sure, but we’re hoping into something that resembles truth splattered against the brick wall of your local downtown Mickey D’s.

We* don’t have a blueprint to follow, and this is the other frontier we’re exploring – that weird apex of literature and digital-communication. We don’t know what we’re doing. We absolutely LOVE input, suggestions, criticism; we want this to be a community resource: what can we do that best helps you as a writer living in the Forgotten Rectangle between New York and Philly?

We’re going to be evolving, trying new things and then scrapping most of those new things, undergoing major facial plastic-surgery probably a few times. But there are a few things you can always count on finding here:

  • How to find other writers, and where to find them,
  • What events are going on, from poetry slams and open-mic nights to workshops and conferences,
  • Articles covering both the biggest and the most obscure of NJ writers, publishers and publications,
  • And, once in a while, when we find some clarity between electroshock therapy and bouts of workaholism, useful original articles about the art – craft? – of writing.

*We, in this case, means just me, Brian Mick Hugh. Referring to the site as a project managed by several dedicated co-workers makes this blog seem more important. This may be unethical, journalistically, but the staff has decided to let it slide.

Header Image used under Creative Commons. Photo by: Gilles Chiroleu