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Classics Bookstore Gives Free Books To Trenton’s Youth

Classics Bookstore is an independently owned used-book store in Trenton, NJ. The shop is small, crowded, and a bit disheveled (just how we like our bookstores). The owner, Eric Maywar, puts a heavy focus on community involvement. Trenton’s youth can stop in and take books for free – boxes full of free books, is how Maywar explains it. He hosts open-mic nights, Scrabble nights, Cards Against Humanity nights, and Knitting nights.



How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review Is Saving Literature and the Internet

The modus operandi of the internet is this: publish what gets more clicks. If you want your site to at least power your apartment, you need headlines with big names, clever lists, and farcical concepts. The literary quarters of the internet are similarly affected. But when every Review and Journal is bound by the indomitable Rule of the Click Count, we need someone to remind us there is more to literature than Colson Whitehead’s newest novel, Zadie Smith’s latest doings, and Stephen King’s politics.

With a collective sigh of relief, we introduce you to Ian MacAllen, the netizen helping to save literature – and quite possibly the internet – from itself. Continue reading “How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review Is Saving Literature and the Internet”

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